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Official Title

TecHnology Enabled Self-MAnagemenT – VIsion for Remote Automated Patient Monitoring and EmpoWerment Following Cardiac and VasculaR Surgery (SMArTVIEW)




SMArTVIEW is an eHealth-enabled service delivery program that combines remote automated monitoring, education, and self-management training. SMArTVIEW is a two-stage intervention program. Stage 1 supports seniors after cardiac or major vascular surgery in hospital on the surgical unit (post-ICU). Participants are assigned automated, cableless, vital sign monitoring devices that are worn during their entire stay on the surgical unit (blood pressure cuff, respiration pod, and oxygen saturation probe). Any signs of deterioration are sent via handheld device to the primary care nurse for early intervention.

With a view to seamless transition home, Stage 2 supports these individuals at home during the first 30 days of recovery. Participants are sent home with Bluetooth enabled monitoring equipment including a tablet, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, pulse oximeter and weight scale. From home, the tablet uploads patients’ vital signs and measurements automatically and sends them, via secure cloud infrastructure, to the SMArTVIEW Nurse on the surgical ward back at the hospital. The tablet interface also prompts patients to respond to brief, easy to read, daily surveys in order to inform the nurse about their status. The tablet also supports secure daily video visits and daily interaction with the nurse for postoperative assessment and support, surgical wound photographs, as well as patient access to customized educational materials.

Study Design

Randomized Clinical Trial

Primary Endpoint

Composite of 45-day risk of hospital readmission, emergency department and urgent care centre visits, not requiring hospital readmission.

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Study Period


Principal Investigator

Dr. Michael McGillion, Dr. PJ Devereaux

Program Manager

Shirley Pettit

Research Coordinator

Karla Sanchez