Operational Excellence Supporting Impactful Research

Behind every PHRI investigator is a great study team – and under that study team lies a deep bedrock of operational excellence.

PHRI research is supported by a rich system of highly skilled people and resources specializing in program management, biostatistical analysis, information technologies and data centre, contract negotiation, financial services, QA and regulatory compliance, laboratories and biobanking.

Our operational approach focuses on scientific integrity and reliability across all stages and needs of global studies and clinical trials. Here’s a look at what we do, operationally, across PHRI.

Program Management

Working closely with the principal investigator(s) from initial design to completion and publication, our program directors, program managers and research coordinators support study conduct, including activity at investigative sites, sponsors internationally, and more.

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PHRI's Statistics department contributes to design, statistical analysis and data management reporting of studies. Our analysts work on large-scale multinational clinical trials, registries and epidemiological projects, ensuring a robust, reliable data platform to support sound statistical analyses and innovative methodology.

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Information & Communications Technology

PHRI research is powered by superlative technological solutions (development) and sophisticated, ever-evolving operations and infrastructure. The ICT team is responsible for data management systems that are at the heart of the clinical data.

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Financial Services

The Financial Services team at PHRI works with researchers to develop budgets for grant applications and proposals, track finances throughout the conduct of the study, generate financial reports for management and external funders, and more.

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Contract Management

The Contracts Team at PHRI supports all aspects of PHRI’s research and business needs by navigating through international laws and national regulations and negotiating with stakeholders such as private and public funding sources, collaborators and investigative sites in over 100 countries, national leaders’ offices, and service providers.

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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Department supports research teams by developing and enforcing policies and procedures to ensure quality across all stages of research.

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Research Specimen and Supply Management

The Research Specimen and Supply Management (RSSM) department at PHRI sources, procures, and distributes healthcare supplies and devices for PHRI studies around the world; with an emphasis on creating, packaging, labeling, and shipping biological specimen collection kits.

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CRLB-GMEL lab & biobank

Guillaume Paré and Matthew McQueen (bottom left) with the staff of the CRLB-GMEL genetic and molecular epidemiology laboratory and biobank, where they explore the genetic risk of heart attacks, strokes, obesity, dementia and more.

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