Sumathy Rangarajan

Today is the International Day of Women in Science – and while we are lucky to have so many female senior scientists, scientists, investigators and research fellows at PHRI, we also have an army of women behind the scenes making the research run effectively around the world. Perhaps not wholly “unsung heroes” but “less-sung heroines”?

Tara McCready

So let us sing their praises!

While we are showcasing our Program Directors, Program Managers, and Senior Research Coordinators here, there’s also an army of other female research coordinators, research assistants, admin assistants, lab workers, statisticians, ICT staff, contracts and finance staff and more at PHRI whom we cannot thank enough for how they support our science!

Thank you to these superstars of research program management, masterfully juggling the complex tax of conducting multiple international trials and studies in multiple nations at once – even during the pandemic when remote site management and patient recruitment reached new levels of complexity. You are seen; you are valued!

Dipika Desai

Gayle Lewis

Heather Beresh

Amanda Taylor

Jessica Tyrwhitt

Stephanie Hall

Ingrid Copeland

Jessica Vincent

Jennifer Cunningham

Jodi Miller

Nora Abdalla


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