Mente; Dehghan

It’s Nutrition Month – and we take this opportunity to recognize some of the country’s most accomplished nutritional epidemiologists, here at PHRI.

Investigator Mahshid Dehghan and Scientist Andrew Mente have helped to publish PURE study after study in the last decade, appearing in dozens of publications. This month alone that include The New England Journal of Medicine, The British Medical Journal and JAMA Internal Medicine (high-glycemic foods, refined grains, and fish intake respectively).

While the PURE study continues to yield dietary insight, it is not the only nutritional sciences research happening at PHRI.

Nutrition in Indigenous health research

Also in Nutrition Month (March), another nutritional epidemiologist at PHRI, Associate Investigator
Russell De Souza, published results of the Healthy Roots pilot study he conducted with researchers at the Six Nations, an Indigenous community in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Left to right: Mary Cranmer-Byng; Kelly Gordon; A. Darlene (Bonnie) Davis; Mina Kazemi; and Russell de Souza.

We are what we eat – and where we live

Russell de Souza, who has long worked on the Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds (CAHHM) study, with PHRI Senior Scientist, Sonia Anand and her team, lead a CAHHM substudy on how what we eat is associated with social socio-economic and geographic conditions.

PHRI is dedicated to delivering evidence-based information on how the food we consume contributes to how we age, get sick, and die, and how we can prevent certain diseases and premature mortality through dietary changes.

World Obesity Day also falls in the month of March; PHRI researchers investigate this complex condition, with factors including ancestral origin and genetics, individual metabolism, and social determinants of health.

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