Today is World Obesity Day. A complex medical condition involving many factors – including ancestral origins and genetics, individual metabolism and socio-economic determinants – obesity has long been studied, and continues to be, at PHRI.

The PURE study has brought insights into the association of obesity and CVD and death, as discussed by PHRI Scientist Darryl Leong in this video.

Our 18-year long FAMILY study  looked at factors contributing to development of excess adiposity and obesity-related diseases from pregnancy through early childhood, led by PHRI Senior Scientist Koon Teo.

Koon Teo

The START study looked at the determinants of adiposity among newborns of South Asian origin in Canada and India, led by PHRI Senior Scientist Sonia Anand. She has also led studies into understanding obesity among Indigenous Canadians such as SHARE-AP ACTION.

LiGHT, a RCT with an app used by teens to track their healthy lifestyle behaviour, is led by PHRI Scientist Zubin Punthakee, in collaboration with the Childhood Obesity Foundation. Zubin was also the PI on RICH LEGACY to determine obesity determinants in Indians and Indo-Canadians.

Katherine Morrison

PHRI’s Associate Scientist, Katherine Morrison has done much research into childhood risk factors including obesity, such as the Canadian Pediatric Weight Management Registry (CANPWR), and many other studies at PHRI.

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