Kamel Mohammedi

Kamel Mohammedi is spending a sabbatical year as a visiting professor at McMaster University and PHRI, collaborating with PHRI Deputy Director Hertzel Gerstein, PHRI Executive Director Salim Yusuf, PHRI Senior Scientists Sonia Anand and Guillaume Pare, PHRI Scientist Marie Pigeyre, and others Рworking with data from our studies, PURE, ORIGIN, DREAM and EPIDREAM.

A professor of endocrinology at Bordeaux University in France, and the head of the Diabetes Unit in the Department of endocrinology in Bordeaux University Hospital, Mohammedi is also an honorary professorial fellow in the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, Australia.

His has 12 years’ research experience in the clinical and epidemiological fields, with a focus on diabetes-related vascular complications including the role of low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress in diabetic complications, and the relationship between microvascular disease and lower-limb peripheral artery disease.

A warm PHRI welcome to visiting professor, Kamel Mohammedi.

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