Hertzel Gerstein

PHRI Deputy Director and Senior Scientist Hertzel Gerstein has been named the 2022 recipient of the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (CSEM)’s Robert Volpe Distinguished Service Award.

The professional society’s award is given “to a senior member of the CSEM who has made a significant contribution to the society and to the discipline of endocrinology in at least two of the following areas: research, education, or clinical service.”

The award ceremony was held at the CSEM’s national meeting in Calgary, Alberta on November 10.

The head of PHRI’s diabetes research program for decades, Gerstein says of the honour:

“As a teacher, researcher and clinician in this specialty, I’ve had the rare privilege of sharing endocrinology’s joys, challenges, and solutions with learners, scientists, and patients alike.”

Gerstein has pioneered the application of large simple outcome trials to people with diabetes globally, and developed the concept of dysglycemia as an important risk factor for many of the serious health outcomes that afflict people with an elevated glucose level regardless of diabetes status.

He currently leads clinical trials and epidemiological studies related to: a) the prevention and therapy of diabetes and its many consequences, and b) the role of dysglycemia and relative insulin insufficiency on the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment and other chronic conditions.

Key studies in which he has played or continues to play a major leadership role include HOPE, ACCORD, DREAM, EpiDREAM, ORIGIN, TIDE, and REWIND, among many others.

Gerstein is involved in a new translational research initiative called STRIVE – deepening the connection between clinical research done at PHRI and basic science at the labs, CRLB-GMEL and TaARI.

Earlier this year, Gerstein received the 2022 Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Diabetes Research Award from the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

We are very proud of Hertzel Gerstein, as are the many clinicians, learners and fellow researchers he’s helped along the way! (Not that he’s finished, not close!)

Diana Sherifali and Hertzel Gerstein Diabetes Canada and CSEM Awards 2022

Diana Sherifali – named a 2022 Diabetes Canada Award winner – with her mentor Hertzel Gerstein – a 2022 CSEM award winner – in Calgary, AB.

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