For the second time, Hamilton, Ontario Canada has made it into the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the world, as measured by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). (The first time was in 2018.) The other contenders for 2020 are: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; Hudson, Ohio, USA; Markham, Ontario Canada; Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia; Tallinn, Estonia; and Westerville, Ohio, USA.

Whether Hamilton, Canada is the 2020 Intelligent Community of the Year will known in October 2020, following further judging of the top 7 over the summer and early fall.

PHRI, and its research partners McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences, are among the assets presented by the City of Hamilton to the ICF in its bid to the ICF.

Jump to 3:25 minutes into this video for more about Hamilton’s ranking!

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