Prem Pais

TIPS-3, PHRI’s phase 3 of The International Polycap Study, was presented on November 13th at the American Heart Association’s (virtual) 2020, in the live late-breaking science session, “Bending the Curve for CV Disease – Precision or PolyPill?” presented by PHRI’s Salim Yusuf and co-PI, Prem Pais of St John’s Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore, India. (Their AHA20 presentation – PDF.)

The results of the TIPS-3 study were published November 13, 2020 in The New England Journal of Medicine Polypill with or without Aspirin in Persons without Cardiovascular Disease.”

The eagerly awaited findings of TIPS-3 received international media coverage, including CNN, The Guardian in the UK, and all the large news wire services: AP, UP and Reuters, as well as Nature Reviews Cardiology.

“This is the start of a transformational approach to preventing heart disease,” said Salim Yusuf. “We could save millions of people from experiencing serious heart disease or stroke each year with effective use of the polypill and aspirin.”

Nov. 13, 2020 media release.

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