Salim Yusuf, Executive Director of PHRI, is the recipient of the 2020 McLaughlin Medal from the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), for “important research of sustained excellence in any branch of medical sciences.”

The McLaughlin Medal was established in 1978 by the RSC through the generosity of the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation to recognize distinguished achievement in medical sciences in Canada.

The Royal Society of Canada, founded in 1883, administers more than 20 prestigious awards, as well as elects accomplished individuals to their three Academics, including the Academy of Science (more than 2300 RSC Fellows presently).

“We have created one of the best research groups in the world here in Hamilton [Ontario, Canada)] through joint research institutes such as PHRI,” says Dr. Yusuf. “I look at this award as recognition for our entire team.”

For a robust list of awards given to our researchers, visit PHRI Recognition.

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