To determine the relationship between postoperative high-sensitivity Troponin I measurements and the 30-day risk of mortality, the proportion of perioperative myocardial injuries that may go undetected without perioperative troponin monitoring, and the incidence of major vascular complications after surgery. The VISION Cardiac Surgery Study will establish the role of perioperative hsTnI measurements in identifying prognostically important myocardial injury after cardiac surgery and the proportion that would go undetected without routine troponin monitoring. This, in turn, will facilitate further studies of timely interventions. This cohort study will also determine the current incidence of major perioperative vascular events in a representative sample of contemporary adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

Primary outcome measures include: All-cause mortality at 30-days after surgery, myocardial injuries that were not identified clinically during the first 5 days after surgery, and composite of major vascular complications at 30 days and 1 year post surgery (i.e., a composite of vascular death, nonfatal myocardial infarction, nonfatal cardiac arrest, nonfatal stroke, and mechanical assist device).

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Study Type


Study Design

Prospective cohort

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Study Period

2013 - 2020



Canadian Institutes of Health Research

McMaster Surgical Associates

Hamilton Health Sciences


Hamilton Academic Health Sciences Organization

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