The prevalence of gallstones is 10-20% among Canadians. About 10% of these patients develop Acute Cholecystitis (AC).

Surgery is the only definitive treatment for AC. Recent studies suggest that early surgery may be associated with shorter length of stay in hospital; less cost of care; and fewer complications. Controversy remains regarding the optimal timing of cholecystectomy surgery.

The FAST Pilot study aimed to inform the design of a large clinical trial that compared the outcomes of patients with AC who received accelerated surgery (i.e., as soon as possible with a goal of surgery within 6 hours of diagnosis) with those patients who received standard care.

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Study Type

Interventional - Procedure

Study Design

Multicentre, parallel group RCT

NO. of Countries


NO. of Sites


NO. of Participants


Study Period

2020 - 2022



Hamilton Health Sciences HAHSO

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