Yusuf and Pocock

More than 100 investigators, research program staff, and operational employees from PHRI came together last week to brainstorm new horizons, and to hear more about the impactful work underway and planned at the annual research retreat, held at the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario.

The plenary session on evolving approaches to analyzing clinical trial outcomes such as win ratios and recurrent events, was given by Stuart Pocock, medical statistician from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in the UK. (The day before, June 15, he was featured in an informal, open stats discussion at PHRI.)

At the retreat, PHRI researchers shared their findings, and questions, in the areas of brain health, CVD prevention, obesity, heart failure, optimization of clinical trials, proteomics, blood biomarkers, and more. PHRI Senior Scientist Pierre Amarenco, a visiting professor from University de Paris, spoke on addressing residual risk of stroke and brain health, such as investigating antithrombotic treatment in OCEANIC-STROKE.

Pierre Amarenco

(The following are other retreat highlights; you don’t need a Twitter account to click through and read these tweets.)

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