Pierre Amarenco

PHRI is delighted to welcome Pierre Amarenco as a Senior Scientist joining our Stroke and Brain Health research program. He will be helping us develop new research initiatives, including the OCEANIC program.

Amarenco is no stranger to PHRI; he has been an investigator on our trials, AXIOMATIC-SSP and Navigate ESUS.

A Professor of Neurology at Paris University in Paris, France, he is the founder of the department of Neurology and Stroke Center as well as of SOS-TIA clinic at Bichat university hospital in Paris.

He will work on-site at PHRI’s Hamilton, Ontario offices for weeks at a time  – with intermittent periods back at his Paris base.

His academic work has been in stroke prevention. He has published more than 450 research papers, reviews and book chapters; with significant contributions to the descriptions of cerebellar infarction, aortic arch atherosclerosis as a cause of stroke, and genetic and metabolic risk factors for stroke.

He has contributed to the leadership of major trials including SPARCL, Treat Stroke to Target, ARCH, XANTUS, SOCRATES, THALES, SPIRE, PROMINENT, RIISC and THETIS trials involving antithrombotics and lipid lowering agents as well as acute intracranial revascularization (RECANALISE). He’s led TIAregistry.org which resulted in insights into the outcomes of patients presenting with TIA, and is involved in the validation of new targets in animal models of ischemic stroke.

Welcome and bienvenue to PHRI, Pieere Amarenco – shown here, seated, chatting with new PHRI Executive member, Emilie Belley-Cote. Behind them are (left to right): Clara Chow, visiting Senior International Fellow; PHRI Senior Scientist PJ Devereaux; PHRI Executive Director Salim Yusuf; PHRI Research Fellow Harry Klimis.

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