Dr. Christian Mueller

On November 1st the PHRI research community gathered for the Perioperative Care Lectureship Event, featuring the esteemed Dr. Christian Mueller, who serves as the Director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute in Basel (CRIB) and holds the position of Professor of Cardiology at the University of Basel, Switzerland. 

Dr. Mueller delivered an engaging lecture titled “Novelties in the early diagnosis of AMI: possible implications for perioperative care.” During his presentation, Dr. Mueller delved into emerging diagnostic methodologies in cardiology, with a specific emphasis on the early detection of heart attacks. 

This event not only shed light on the evolving healthcare landscape but also provided an invaluable platform for healthcare professionals who share an interest in enhancing perioperative care through knowledge exchange. 

Dr. Mueller is a leading figure in the field of clinical medicine, consistently ranking within the top 1% of the most-cited researchers globally and among the top 3 in Switzerland, by Clarivate Web of Science in 2019. His extensive contributions include over 1,000 publications in peer-reviewed journals, with 550 of them being original research works. His significant involvement in expert committees of the European Society of Cardiology, coupled with his role as the co-founder and current president of the GREAT research network, underscores his profound influence. Furthermore, Professor Mueller serves as an associate editor for esteemed journals such as the European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care and the Swiss Medical Weekly, and he contributes to reviews for prestigious publications and grant-awarding bodies. His impact on the medical community is undeniably profound. 

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