Reina Ditta, Michael Chong, Guillaume Pare, Matthew McQueen, Tara Bryce of CRLB-GMEL lab, May 2022

CRLB-GMEL lab management

PHRI is well positioned to access the latest advances in proteomics. One of our senior scientists, Guillaume Paré, runs the laboratory in our building housing method innovations ahead of the pack nationally and internationally.

The lab, CRLB-GMEL, is one of only two places in all of Canada that uses a technology that accelerates the process of proteomics – the ‘proximity extension assay’ (PEA) made by the company, Olink.

Less than a single drop of blood is needed to measure the protein profile in a patient’s sample. The requirement of dual-antibody binding and DNA barcoding provides a highly scalable method with exceptional specificity. (See video below.)

Next week – on Wednesday, June 7th – Olink is hosting free half day/all day instructional sessions in Toronto, as well as virtually, called “Next Generation Proteomics: Unlocking Novel Biomarkers for Precision Medicine with Olink® Technology.”

Biology is multi-layered and complex; traditional experiments overlook significant information by only investigating one layer of life’s complexity. The field of “multiomics” unlocks a deeper understanding by exploring multiple ‘omes’ — combinations of the genome, proteome, transcriptome, and epigenome — in one experiment.

Last year the CRLB-GMEL team hosted a Multiomics Day, sponsored in part by Olink, that was a big success in generating interest in the services offered by our laboratory.

Register here for Next Generation Proteomics hybrid webinar!

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