A Mente; M Dehghan

Knowledge of what we eat (globally), and how it affects our health, has been added to further since the last Nutrition Month (2021)…

On top of last year’s findings on cardiovascular disease and mortality association with the intake of fish and meat, high-glycemic foods and refined grains, PHRI’s long-running global prospective urban and rural epidemiology (PURE) study has resulted in the year since in:

  • Further analysis of meat – unprocessed vs. processed meats – the latter shown to have a higher association with major cardiovascular disease and death.
  • Insight into the association of the risks of ultra-processed food intake, and high-inflammatory diet, with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), with our Associate Scientist Neeraj Narula and Associate Senior Scientist Paul Moayyedi.

Neeraj Narula

PHRI Scientist Andrew Mente and PHRI Investigator Mahshid Dehghan are heavily involved in understanding the volumes of data coming out from the PURE study.

Mente and Dehghan – along with fellow nutritional epidemiologist and a PHRI Associate Investigator, Russell de Souza – helped develop a food-frequency questionnaire for the RADICAL-PC study, led by PHRI Scientist Darryl Leong, to assess diet in prostate cancer patients.

David Jenkins

PHRI is also grateful to collaborate with a PHRI Associate Senior Scientist David Jenkins, researcher at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital and a professor at the University of Toronto, who coauthored last year’s NEJM paper on high-glycemic diet based on PURE.

Russell De Souza

Happy Nutrition Month to everyone; keep an eye on PHRI – as we continue yielding rich fruits in dietary research (while sometimes shaking the status-quo tree).

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