The University of Santander (UDES) – a private research university in Bucaramanga, Colombia – has elected Patricio López Jaramillo as their general rector. With more than 40 years of experience, he is an emeritus researcher, the highest category awarded by Colombia’s Ministry of Science of Technology, and has been linked to the UDES since 2005, where he was serving as Scientific Director of the Masira Institute of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

The many accomplishments of this doctor, surgeon, and specialist in endocrinology, are included in this article in Vanguardia, an influential Spanish-language daily newspaper.

PHRI has had the privilege of collaborating with Professor López-Jaramillo for many years; he is and has been the national leader in Colombia on studies including INTERSTROKE, PURE, and HOPE-4.

After publishing more than 300 publications in international journals, including NEJM and The Lancet, Professor López-Jaramillo is the scientist in Colombia with the highest number of citations (83,600 thousand citations) in the medical literature. (His H index is 90 according, to Google Academic.)

Collaborator in landmark studies

Professor López-Jaramillo talks about his collaboration on PHRI studies over the years in this video about the 2019 Future of Global Health: PHRI 20th anniversary research symposium held in Hamilton, Canada. He discusses the research he participated in as it relates to two landmark PHRI studies:

  • INTERSTROKE at 1:05 minutes into this video;
  • PURE at 5:12 minutes.

National leader in HOPE-4

Professor López-Jaramillo speaks about his involvement in the HOPE-4 study in this video, at 44 seconds and again at 2:57 minutes.

Congratulations from all of us at PHRI who’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Professor López-Jaramillo!

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