Professor Mark Lathrop, PhD

Professor Mark Lathrop, PhD

8th International Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) Lecture in Population Health Sciences

Professor Mark Lathrop, PhD, Scientific Director – McGill University Genome Quebec Innovation Centre, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Understanding the Genetic Basis of Human Health and Disease

Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Location:  Auditorium, Main Floor, David Braley Cardiovascular Stroke Research Institute (DBCVSRI), 30 Copeland Ave., Hamilton, Ontario (Hamilton General Hospital campus).

Mark Lathrop is Professor in the Department of Human Genetics and Director of the McGill Genome Centre since 2011. His work focuses on large-scale, multi statistical genetics to unravel the genetic basis of multifactorial disease, and how these can be applied to individualize approaches to disease prevention and treatment (personalised medicine). Lathrop has more than 700 peer reviewed publications, and is a Web of Science ‘highly cited’ researcher.

He leads or participates in a large number of collaborative enterprises, including the Canadian Genomics Enterprise consortium which is providing leading-edge genomics to the Canadian and International research communities. He is currently a member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee for UK Biobank and the Scientific Advisory Committee for Genome England. He co-chairs the Scientific Advisory Board for the Riken Center for Genomic Medicine in Yokohama. He is co-organiser of the International Workshop in Genomic Epidemiology held biannually since 2002

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