K Grubic; M Hameed

A sign of good leadership is understanding what’s important to your employees, and then investing to make that happen.

As a research institute, our staff is so focused on supporting the learning of others – researchers at home and abroad – that their own learning might end up taking a back seat.

PHRI’s new head of operations, Muhammad Hameed, wanted to enable employees to keep learning what they want and need. He implemented a new policy recently: to offer complimentary LinkedIn Learning opportunities to all employees here. (It does not require that one has a LinkedIn account to access the hundreds of online courses.)

To encourage uptake, Kirsten Grubic, PHRI’s education advisor held a contest wherein employees who completed a LinkedIn Learning course would be entered into a raffle. (Kirsten and Mohammad are shown here in their characteristic team spirit as part of a recent PHRI art challenge project.)

Our first round of ‘LinkedIn Learner” winners were announced recently:  Allan Mavaso – Clinical Research Data Operations Associate II in our ICT department; Myranda Rocha, Research Assistant, Perioperative program; and Tania Ng, Junior Research Coordinator, PHRI Networks program.

PHRI employees are favouring a wide variety of LinkedIn learning – from Excel training and statistics, to building resiliency and speaking with confidence, and much more. Lifelong learning is a key part of keeping oneself engaged in life now and always; we’re proud of our employees!

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