Coming together in-person as an organization used to be a regular occurrence for PHRI: research days, lectureships, symposiums and rounds – not to mention meetings – but of course, the pandemic has yielded few opportunities for networking outside of Zoom.

That made our strategic retreat yesterday all the sweeter for being the first organization-wide event in 3D in more than two years.

Marc Jeschke

PHRI’s senior staff across all our departments and research programs – along with our senior scientists and scientists – got together for a half-day, off-site retreat to catch up on initiatives and discuss how the post-pandemic work-scape might look for us.

PHRI Executive Director Salim Yusuf introduced Marc Jeschke – the incoming VP, Research, Hamilton Health Sciences, at the retreat.

These images of PHRI employees from across departments and study teams – mixed with our senior scientists and scientists – capture some of the excitement of in-person human interaction.

Left to right: Kevin Reeh, Xiumei Yang, Dipika Desai, Ivana Furimsky, and Divya Pattath.

Left to right: Mike Sharma, Stephanie Hall, Andrew Renner, and David Conen.

Left to right: Kirsten Grubic, Tara Bryce, Sarah Karampatos, and Stuart Connolly.

Left to right: Les Farago, Jane Belanger, Maha Mushtaha, Jessica Vincent, and Jason Roberts.

PHRI Executive, left to right: PJ Devereaux, Salim Yusuf, Muhammad Hameed, Sonia Anand, Janette Panhuis (outgoing), and Hertzel Gerstein.

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