Nazia Pathan at IGES

Researching coming out of our CRLB-GMEL is (again) garnering international attention for lab method innovation.

McMaster PhD student Nazia Pathan won the prestigious Roger William Award at the 2022 International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) meeting in Paris last week – for her oral presentation on a novel statistical method, called RARity, that estimates the contribution of rare variants genetic coding to complex traits and diseases.

Pathan also received a travel award from the Canadian Genetics and Genomics Society (CanaGene) for the best IGES 2022 abstract submitted from Canada.

Gui Paré’s legion of innovators

Expect great things from Nazia Pathan who joins an impressive lineup of genetic analysis method innovators at CRLB-GMEL, led by PHRI Senior Scientist Guillaume Paré, including these recent works:

  • Michael Chong created AutoMitoC to derive an emerging mitochondrial biomarker called “mitochondrial DNA copy number” from genetic microarray data (eLife 2022; Neurology 2022).
  • Ricky Lali developed the RV-EXCALIBER method to better study rare genetic variants and their contribution to early-onset disease in the general population (Nature Comm, 2021).
  • Jenny Sjaarda invented a framework to quantify the importance of genetic ancestry to disease biomarkers within the ORIGIN trial (AJHG 2020).


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