Pakistan is experiencing monsoon-season rainfall that is almost 6,000% more than average. One third of the country is underwater and so far more than 1,000 people (including more than 300 children) have lost their lives; the floods have impacted 33 million people. The rain and flash flooding have damaged more than a million homes, killed more than half a million livestock, and destroyed thousands of kilometres of roads.

Millions of people in Pakistan are in dire need of safe shelter, clean water, and warm food.

PHRI has always had a truly global conscience – so we’ve set up a fundraising campaign – working with Red Cross Canada and Red Crescent/Red Cross International – to support Pakistanis in their time of crisis.

The amount that our employees donate will be matched $ for $ by PHRI at the end of September 2022.

A tax receipt will be emailed to you directly when you donate at this link.

We’re proud of the generosity our staff have shown over the years, helping those in need, and we’re confident that again PHRI will step up to help.

Please donate by September 30, 2022 at:

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