Today at the CTO 2022 Clinical Trials Conference in Toronto – hosted by Clinical Trials Ontario, celebrating its 10th anniversary – PHRI Senior Scientist PJ Devereaux spoke on “Team game: Collaboration in clinical trials.”

“Although Canadian clinical trialists are among the best in the world, Canadian trials have fallen behind other countries in recent times,” said Devereaux, who listed many of the barriers and bottlenecks obstructing faster, more efficient trials in this country.

His suggested solutions include a pan-Canadian clinical trials consortium that would “democratize” trials – creating equitable access to trial participation to all Canadians – as well as simplify processes such as creating a single national ethics process and single contracts process in order to accelerate the conduct and efficiencies of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

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We cannot forget about the general population

Former PHRI Chief Operator Officer (retired) Janette Panhuis, and a board member at Network of Networks (N2 Canada), spoke as part of a panel discussion, “Advancing clinical trials across Canada,” along with representatives of research organizations in Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, BC, and Nova Scotia.

In this video – taken by her successor at PHRI, Muhammad Hameed, in attendance – Panhuis discusses the importance of streamlining processes to eliminate siloes and redundancies at clinical trials cross-country.

She also stresses “we cannot forget about the general population.. they can help us [in health research]. We have to make sure we’re talking to and listening to them; the public has a voice… whether that’s at a national organization level, or the individual patient level.”

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