At the interventional cardiology meeting, Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT 2023) this past weekend in Washington, DC., the UNIVERSAL vascular closure device subgroup analysis was presented at CRT by Marc-Andre d’Entremont, University of Sherbrooke, first author of the simultaneous publication in EuroIntervention.

Senior author, PHRI Scientist Sanjit Jolly discussed the paper’s findings with Luis Ortega Paz for PCRonline (watch here).

Surgical left atrial closure

As well at CRT 2023, Sanjit Jolly presented on the topic of surgical left atrial closure, and the rationale for the LAAOS-4 trial, which investigates if, in addition to taking oral anticoagulant medications, a left atrial appendage closure device is more effective at reducing strokes and blood clots than taking oral anticoagulant medications on their own. PHRI Senior Scientist Jeff Healey is the PI on LAAOS-4, with Jolly and Stuart Connolly on the team.

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