Janette Panhuis

At a recent PHRI townhall, we projected the image of a pair of Dutch wooden clogs as Janette Panhuis began her last company-wide address as our Chief Operating Officer. She is retiring after 11 years in the role.

It was a whimsical nod to Janette’s family heritage (her parents are from the Netherlands) but also a symbol of our sentiment: Janette’s will be very big shoes to fill indeed.

Operationally at the helm of our 300-strong employees, Janette has shown incredible work ethic and competence overseeing:

“We support all our study teams across all phases of their research,” says Janette, who managed QA at PHRI before becoming our Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Muhammad Hameed

Muhammad Hameed

Janette was instrumental in leading PHRI through the pandemic, with the operational pivots and innovative problem-solving required due to changes in funding, restrictions in patient recruitment and other aspects of research conducted by PHRI teams around the world.

As we search for her replacement, Muhammad Hameed has stepped in as interim COO, from his role as Director, Financial Services, at PHRI.

We are grateful for the dedication Janette has put into her pivotal role with PHRI, and we all wish her well-earned leisure time in this new stage of her life.

Janette Panhuis (centre) with Salim Yusuf (to her right) and employees in the atrium of PHRI’s building.

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