The PHRI Summer Art Challenge is now closed; check this space after September 15 for the winners!


We’ve loosely themed the art challenge “Forging Ahead,” but we leave that theme wide-open to your interpretation. We have no preconceived visions in mind; go wild!

One piece of artwork will be selected in each of these categories:

  • Team – work (department or study team) or family
  • Individual – employee

Winning artwork will be hung in the atrium of our DBCVSRI building!

Check out some of the great creations so far (shown in the order they’ve been submitted)!

“Light in Darkness” by Stephanie Warder, an analyst in PHRI’s Finance Department.

“Approximately Normal” by Statistics Dept’s Karleen, Martin, Kumar, Tina, Kate, Chinthanie, Shofiqul, Nishita and Shrikant. “The names of every current member of the Department, with lines connecting them to each other displays the fact that the members of the Department are connected to each other, i.e. we are a team • A double, almost symmetric distribution – approximately Normal (Gaussian, bell-shaped), commonly used in our work, displays the fact that statistical work is based on assumptions that are not always perfectly satisfied. We as people, and our work, is approximately ‘normal’, The distribution is done in a mirror image (if one drew a horizontal line at the middle of the plot), which implies that our work can be viewed from different perspectives. The use of Scrabble© tiles in relief implies that everyone is raised above their background, i.e. we strive to go above and beyond. Each letter in the names is not perfectly aligned – i.e. there is some ‘random variability’ around everything!

Brighter Days: Finding our Rainbow – team effort of Tracy Boland, Erin DeBorba, Emily Di Sante, Gladys Marfo, Denise Miletic, Olivia Panus and Jessica Vincent, of the perioperative care research program.

By the Research Supply and Specimen Management (RSSM) Department.

HMS PHRI forging ahead – by Muhammad Hameed, Kirsten Grubic, Linh Acevedo, Susan Ercole, Julie Langdon, and Heather Angus-Lee.

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