Summer is a great time to relax and bond with family and friends and above all, have fun! Making art is a great way to do that, and PHRI is throwing out a challenge…

Make a piece of art – painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, anything – and submit it to us as part of the PHRI Summer Art Challenge!

That can be on your own, with your study team or department colleagues, with your kids or other family members, or with a group of friends.

We’ve loosely themed the art challenge “Forging Ahead,” but we leave that theme wide-open to your interpretation. We have no preconceived visions in mind; go wild!

Family artwork entries are welcome!

At the end of August, we’ll send around a company-wide anonymous poll to select the top spot (like we used to do with our Halloween pumpkin-carving and Christmas gingerbread house competitions).

One piece of artwork will be selected in each of these categories:

  • Team – work (department or study team)
  • Team – family (or group of friends)
  • Individual – employee

Winning artwork will be hung in the atrium of our DBCVSRI building!

Artwork is due by August 31, 2022. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Email a photo of your artwork to Heather at, or contact her to set up a day/time to drop your artwork off at the office.

Have a fun, artistic summer; we can’t wait to see what you create!

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