Health starts early – a fact that has driven much of PHRI’s research. We investigate prenatal health (genetics, maternal health and environment), through childhood risk factors and into the teen years, including in special populations such as South Asians in India and Canada, and Indigenous people in Canada.

We are pleased to welcome academic pediatrician, Rahul Chanchlani as an Associate Scientist at PHRI. He is a cross-disciplinary collaborator whose research interests include nephrology and epidemiology as well as pediatrics. Rahul has worked with Sonia Anand, Senior Scientist and lead of the population health research team at PHRI, on the START study, which looked at determinants of adiposity and hypertension among newborns of South Asian origin in Canada and India.

Rahul has been an Assistant Professor at McMaster Children’s Hospital, Department of Pediatrics (nephrology), since 2015. His conduct of population-based clinical research to improve the outcomes among neonates and children with kidney diseases has been supported by grants from Hamilton Health Sciences New Investigator Award (2017), Physician Services Incorporated Grant (2018), Kidney Foundation of Canada Grant (2019), and an Early Career Award by Hamilton Health Sciences (2020).

Rahul is also an associate faculty at McMaster’s Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact. In 2016, he finished his Master’s in Clinical Epidemiology (Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation) and Clinician Investigator Program from the University of Toronto. He was appointed as an adjunct ICES scientist in February 2020.

Rahul joins an impressive team of researchers at PHRI, including: Koon Teo, Senior Scientist, and principle investigator of our long-running birth cohort study, FAMILY [Family Atherosclerosis Monitoring in Early Life]; Russell de Souza, Associate Investigator, on DESI-GDM Digital study looking at prevention of gestational diabetes in high-risk South Asians; Katherine Morrison, Associate Scientist at PHRI working on childhood risk factors such as pediatric obesity (CANPWR); and of course, Sonia Anand.

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