PHRI is proud of the rich, long-running body of work investigating the health challenges of South Asians, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, by our Senior Scientist, Sonia Anand. She was recognized for that work with a 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award from the South Asian Health Foundation (SAHF) at their 21st annual global conference today. The virtual event this year was themed “Diabetes and Multimorbidity, Challenges and Education in a Global Pandemic,” and Dr. Anand gave a presentation on diabetes in South Asians: harnessing ancient and modern knowledge into action.

Dr. Anand’s research work over the past couple of decades includes studies looking at South Asians’ health, such as epiDREAM,  epiDREAMgenetics and the START birth cohort, and many other studies investigating the health challenges of multi-ethnic populations.

For a robust list of awards to our researchers, go to PHRI Recognition.

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