Stuart Connolly

PHRI’s INVICTUS trial and COMPLETE trial analysis were among the Top 10 Clinical Trials and Top 10 Clinical Trial Updates of 2022, respectively – as selected by Deepak Bhatt, Senior Associate Editor, Clinical Trials and news,

INVICTUS, led by PHRI Senior Scientist Stuart Connolly, presented by Ganesan Karthikeyan, a collaborator from India, at ESC 2022 and published in NEJM, was the largest trial in patients with rheumatic heart disease. It found that in RHD patients with atrial fibrillation, vitamin K antagonists reduced cardiovascular events and mortality, without increasing major bleeding, compared to rivaroxaban.

Karthikeyan described INVICTUS as “a blueprint for future trials of understudied diseases in underrepresented populations to generate clinically relevant results.”

Shamir Mehta

Led by PHRI Senior Scientist Shamir Mehta, the COMPLETE trial update was an analysis, presented at ACC 2022, that showed PCI improves angina-related quality of life in patients with STEMI and multi-vessel CAD – no matter whether that involves culprit-only lesions, or complete revascularization.

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