Ride for Heart: Team PHRI Raises $12,794

Team PHRI 2018 ride for life

L to R: Shana Lamers; Lea Rayner; Janette Panhuis.


Team PHRI bicycled 75 km on Saturday, June 2 to raise $12,794, which was 91 percent of their fundraising goal, in the 2018 Manulife Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart. Team members were: Janette Panhuis; Dan Trottier; Stuart Connolly; Ben Connolly; Kirsten Grubic; Joe Grubic; Alex Grinvalds; Maral Mofrad; Lea Rayner; Shana Lamers; Om Kurmi; Elham Ramezani; Caroline Scott; Lisa Scott; and Ted Scott.


Lea Rayner and Shana Lamers


Individuals on Team PHRI who raised the most money were: Dan with $1,675; Janette with $1,670; Ben with $1,050; Stuart with $1,029; and Kirsten with $1,025. Some members of Team PHRI ran/walked the 75 km instead of bicycling.

Team PHRI posted on their team page the following message:

Women’s hearts are victims of a system that is ill-equipped to diagnose, treat and support them. It is urgent that we smash this glass ceiling. Did you know that: women are 5 times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer; early heart attack signs were missed in 78% of women and; women are 50% less likely than men to participate in cardiac rehabilitation?

L to R: Ben Connolly; Stuart Connolly; Alex Grinvalds

L to R: Ben Connolly; Stuart Connolly; Alex Grinvalds

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