Salim Yusuf

Salim Yusuf has moved up 5 spots to #15 in World’s Best Medicine Scientists in the past year, and moved down from the top spot to #2 in Canada.

He and McMaster University’s Gordon Guyatt traded spots from 2022, when Yusuf was #1 and Guyatt #2.

The ranking is based on D-index (Discipline H-index) metric, which only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline. The ranking, by, started last year. Its methodology includes only leading scientists with D-index of at least 70 for academic publications made in the area of Medicine.

Other PHRI researchers who made the list of Best Medicine Scientists are: Stuart Connolly (30 nationally; 916 globally); Koon Teo (86 nationally, 2446 globally); Eva Lonn (321 nationally; 8204); Shrikant Bangdiwala (504 nationally, 12672 globally); and Shamir Mehta (575 nationally, 14267 globally).

A total of 55 McMaster University researchers made the Best Medicine Scientists rankings.

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