Creativity abounds at PHRI  – as we’ve seen with recent art challenges!

Behind our employees who crunch the numbers (stats, finance), translate and convert currency and languages (contracts), coordinate clinical trials (program management), keep us connected (ICT) and in compliance (QA) and more… lies a wealth of artistic talent!

(Remember Summer Art Challenge 2022; Halloween pumpkin carving)

Introducing – the PHRI Spring Art Challenge!

Create ANYTHING (sculpture, painting, poetry/story, piece of clothing, etc.) and submit to our social committee by May 29, 2023.

The only criteria: to include some element of nature in your piece – whether that’s with words, cloth, paint, or whatever!

As selected by your PHRI peers in online voting, a prize will be rewarded to:

  • First place – Individual
  • First place – Team

“Team” can be any number of PHRI peeps who may (or not) work in the same team/department. Or it can be your family team at home.

We can’t wait to see the next wave of creativity at PHRI!

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