Jean-Lucien Rouleau

The recent induction of Jean-Lucien Rouleau into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame reminded us of the incredible leaders Canada has in health research, as well as some of the world’s best clinical trialists.

PHRI is fortunate to works closely with two such leaders –  Jean Rouleau and his brother, Guy Rouleau.

Jean Rouleau, at the Montreal Heart Institute, co-leads the Canadian Heart Function Alliance, a network founded last year to bring together hundreds heart failure researchers, patients, industry, and other stakeholders.

PHRI is a foundational member of the CHF Alliance, involving on the leadership level various individuals at PHRI: Salim Yusuf and Philip Joseph (translational science); Guillaume Pare (biological pathway discovery); Sonia Anand and Russ De Souza (HF in Indigenous populations); Darryl Leong (aging, comorbidity and HF); Eva Lonn (training and capacity building); Jorge Wong (obesity and HF); and more.

Leadership in clinical trials

Guy Rouleau

The other Rouleau brother is well-known nationally and internationally for his work in large, randomized clinical trials in Canada, namely in his area of specialty – neurological research. Guy Rouleau is an earlier inductee in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute- Hospital (The Neuro), Guy Rouleau is co-chair with PHRI Senior Scientist PJ Devereaux of the operating committee of the pan-Canadian consortium, Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT), to which the Canadian Institutes of Health (CIHR) granted $39 million earlier this year. PHRI is the coordinating centre of ACT and Devereaux is the nominated principal receipt of the 3-year grant.

ACT AEC Accelerating Clinical Trials Canada consortium

In this video, Guy Rouleau talks about the importance of accelerating and improving clinical trials processes in Canada. He’s part of a longer video – with 10 voices from the ACT consortium – made for the launch event earlier this year.

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