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The objective of the TIPS-3 study was to evaluate a polypill (with and without aspirin) and vitamin D supplementation – compared to their respective placebos – in a primary prevention setting to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes.

It was hypothesized that in individuals without clinical cardiovascular disease, but at increased risk of CVD, a 50 to 60 percent reduction in CVD risk could be achieved using fixed dose combination (FDC) therapy, usually comprised of multiple blood-pressure agents and a statin (with or without aspirin) in a single polypill.

Before TIPS-3, the impact of a polypill in preventing clinical cardiovascular events had not been evaluated in a large randomized controlled trial.

The results of the TIP-3 study are key to determining the appropriateness of FDC therapy as a strategy in the global prevention of CVD.

Prem Pais, of St. John’s Medical College and Research Institute in Bangalore, India, is co-Principal Investigator of TIPS-3, with Salim Yusuf. They co-presented on the study at AHA 2020.

AHA 2020 Presentation - TIPS-3: Download PDF ESC 2021 Revised Presentation - FDC Meta-analysis: Download PDF
Study Type

Interventional - Drug

Study Design

Randomized, double-blind, 2x2x2 factorial, placebo controlled

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Study Period

2012 - 2020



VIDEO: Salim Yusuf on TIPS-3 study findings, which were released Nov. 13 at AHA 2020 release.

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