Jackie Bosch, one of the original researchers of PHRI dating back to 1993, has been appointed the Assistant Dean, Occupational Therapy program, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, at McMaster University.

While she begins her new leadership role this month, Jackie continues as an Investigator at PHRI, focusing her efforts on the scientific aspects on research themes of interest to her – including cognition, continuing on further papers from HOPE-3, and leading the analyses and publications of the TIPS-3 cognition data.

Jackie will also continue to pursue her passion for improving care after stroke in resource-challenged settings in Africa and India, through the OSCAIL study.

Salim Yusuf, Executive Director of PHRI, who has worked with Jackie for 27 years, notes that “when she first came, our group had fewer than five people and she, along with Janice Pogue, Hertzel Gerstein and Eva Lonn, helped set up our first major high-impact study, HOPE. Without Jackie’s active involvement, many of the successes at PHRI could not have happened.”

In 2016, Jackie accepted a faculty position at the School of Rehabilitation Science, and she is presently an Associate Professor at McMaster University. While working as staff in the early years of PHRI, Jackie completed a PhD.

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