If the old academic adage is true – “always be publishing ” – then PHRI is consistently on track! The prolific output of biomedical literature by our researchers is nothing short of astounding.

But it’s a noble goal, and to that end, we introduce a home for the most recent publications by PHRI authors, in particular those papers related to our own studies.

Please note this is a curated list (not comprehensive) of key papers – primarily about PHRI studies, as well as thought leadership pieces in leading publications on biomedical issues in which we are experts.

Last year alone (2020), PHRI researchers published close to 600 articles in dozen of journals –  many of them high-impact-factor journals, including The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, BMJ, JACC, JAMA and more.

Note: Some of the journals we link out to require subscription; others are open access.

Enjoy reading!

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