Balasubramanian, Pocock, Bangdiwala, Yang

Stuart Pocock, medical statistician from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK, was the guest at a 2.5-hour informal, open discussion at PHRI today that included his insights, mini-presentations by PHRI statisticians, and participation beyond our statistics department.

The department’s Director, Shrikant Bangdiwala, Statistical Operations Manager, Kumar Balasubramanian, and Associate Operations Manager, Xiumei Yang invited all PHRI employees and researchers interested in statistical methodology, and many came; our auditorium was at near-capacity (for the first time since the pandemic started), not to mention many others who joined online.

Topics for discussion included:

  • How should we handle the non-proportional hazards?
  • Do we need to account for center-level effects in multicenter randomized controlled trials?
  • Subgroup analysis based on post-randomization factors
  • What are the appropriate methods for early termination of trials combining safety & efficacy outcomes?
  • How best to handle recurrent non-fatal events that are components of composite outcomes?
  • What should we do for the Interim analysis when we have multiple primary outcomes?
  • How to use adaptive sample size re-estimation techniques for estimating the ‘promising zone’ for time-to-event data?

Shun Fu Lee

Plenary session at PHRI Research Retreat

Stuart Pocock was also a guest speaker at PHRI Research Retreat 2023, where he addressed evolving approaches on analyzing outcomes in clinical trials, including win ratio and recurrent events.

The large photo below shows Pocock with PHRI statistics team members attending the retreat, including biostatistician Shun Fu Lee who presented a talk at the retreat (highlights in this tweet).

Stuart Pocock, centre, flanked immediately by our statistics director Shrikant Bangdiwala and stats operations manager Kumar Balasubramanian, with other members of the PHRI biostatistics team who attended the 2023 PHRI Research Retreat.

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