Salim Yusuf

PHRI had a strong presence at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2019 in Paris, France:


Risk Factors and Prevention: Camus – the Hub

9:37: Salim Yusuf on: How to reduce global CVD by 30% by 2030 – the vision.

CVD in Special Populations: Camus – the Hub

11:00: Salim Yusuf on: Global and regional burden of cardiovascular disease: what are the evidence gaps and how to fix them.

Hot Line Session 1: Paris – Main Auditorium

15:25: Shamir Mehta on COMPLETE: Revascularization with multivessel PCI in STEMI.


Late Breaking Science in Prevention 1: London Village 2

09:05:  Darryl Leong on PURE: New insights into anthropometrics and cardiovascular outcomes in 150 000 adults from 21 countries followed for 9 years.

Meet the Trialist: ESC TV Stage/ESC Plaza

9:30: Shamir Mehta on COMPLETE

Hot Line Session 3: Paris – Main Auditorium

12:12: JD Schwalm on HOPE-4 : Impact on cardiovascular risk of a community-based multi-faceted intervention in individuals with hypertension in two middle-income countries.


Hot Line Session 5: Paris – Main Auditorium

12:12: Darryl Leong on PURE – contrasting patterns of cardiovascular disease, cancers and related mortality between high versus low-middle income countries in 21 countries.

12:24: Salim Yusuf on PURE – Impact of modifiable risk factors on cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Meet the Trialist: ESC TV Stage / ESC Plaza

15:40 – 16:10 Darryl Leong on PURE – Epidemiology Transition.

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