Salim Yusuf, Executive Director of PHRI, has been awarded the 10th annual Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize by the University of British Columbia (UBC)’s Faculty of Medicine for his global impact on clinical cardiovascular disease prevention and health.

Dr. Yusuf was joined by other top health researchers in Canada for the following prizes:

Margolese National Brain Disorders Prizes: Molly Shoichet, and Peter St George-Hyslop, both at University of Toronto.

The Margolese Prizes were created by an estate gift to UBC by Leonard Herbert Margolese, a Vancouver, BC businessman who died in 2000. He had a heart condition and his brother had Alzheimer’s Disease.

The UBC also annually awards the Dr. Chew Wei Memorial Prize in Cancer Research, named for a Hong Kong physician who retired to Vancouver in 1988 and passed away in 2009. This year the award goes to Nada Jabado, McGill University, a leader in childhood brain cancers.

For a robust list of awards given to our researchers, visit PHRI Recognition.

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