Dr. Stuart Connolly, Senior Scientific Lead at PHRI, is celebrated following the awarding of the Margolese National Heart Disorder Prize in July 2015.

Dr. Connolly, a cardiac electrophysiologist at Hamilton Health Sciences, the inaugural holder of the Salim Yusuf Chair in Cardiology, and former Director of the Division of Cardiology at McMaster University, is an internationally recognized authority on the treatment of heart rhythm disorders.

A researcher at McMaster’s Population Health Research Institute and a Professor at McMaster University, he has transformed the treatment of patients with cardiac rhythm abnormalities, especially those at high risk of cardiac arrest and those at risk of stroke, by designing and carrying out randomized clinical trials that have affected everyday clinical decision-making for people with these conditions.

The Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize is awarded annually to those Canadian Researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the treatment, amelioration, or cure of Heart disorders. This prize was created by an estate gift made to the University of British Columbia by Leonard Herbert Margolese.

Congratulations to Dr. Connolly for the recognition received for his lifelong commitment to his field of research!

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