In a video released this week, PHRI’s Executive Director Salim Yusuf joins his fellow 2022 Killam Prize winners in a panel discussion about research in Canada. The prestigious research prizes were bestowed in March.

The video, produced by TheFutureEconomy, also features Jeff Dahn and Francoise Baylis of Dalhousie University for Killam Prize – Engineering and Killam Prize – Humanities respectively; and Carl E. James, York University, who won the Killam Prize – Social Sciences.

Yusuf had some strong observations about research in Canada, as well as global health, such as his comment, “for a rich country, Canada does not invest enough in research.” He also noted that:

“Advances do not carry passports. There has been thinking in some circles that research funded within Canada should primarily benefit Canadians.. that is too narrow a perspective. Ideas will come from all corners of the world, and our work in Canada should benefit people broadly. Right now, it does.”

All the panelists’ overall takeaway/call for action was that “the Canadian government must provide more avenues for long-term funding for research in order to capitalize on research talent and ensure Canadian researchers are producing the best solutions for complex issues globally.”

Watch the entire video here.

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