Salim Yusuf

PHRI Executive Director Salim Yusuf has received a Kairali Global Lifetime Achievement Prize for Researchers – a prestigious honour bestowed in India.

Yusuf was born in the Indian state of Kerala, which is the size of Canada. He is the first Keralite living/working overseas to receive the award.

A native of Kottarakara, in southwest India, Yusuf was medically qualified in Bengaluru in 1976, and later earned a DPhil at Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar, one of only two selected in India that year.

In a March 2022 profile of Salim Yusuf by Hamilton Spectator writer, Jon Wells, we learn that:

He often thinks about India, where his 94-year-old mother still lives, as well as his brother and sister. He had long hoped to return to work there at some point, but never did.
“Regret might be too strong a word for it. There is more a wistfulness.”…
He adds that his Indian roots helped him bridge cultural divides when working with collaborators from multiple countries.

Banner photo: Salim Yusuf with some PURE study collaborators from India at a meeting in October 2022.

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