A recent analysis of the PHRI PACT-HF trial examined long-term, sex-specific clinical outcomes and healthcare resource utilization following hospitalization for heart failure over a five-year period. The study found that, while clinical outcomes and overall costs were similar between male and female patients, the distribution of costs varied by sex.

This five-year update from the PACT-HF trial was presented at a Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Session by Dr. Tauben Averbuch at Heart Failure 2024, which took place on May 11-14 in Lisbon. Dr. Averbuch was joined by PHRI Scientist Harriette Van Spall to discuss these outcomes, featured by Radcliffe Cardiology.


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Heart Failure 

Van Spall also participated in a panel discussion on artificial intelligence and heart failure, exploring new approaches leveraging AI to identify and manage heart failure patients and enhance the efficiency of clinical trials. She highlighted various aspects where machine learning is useful, including early diagnosis and risk prediction, while also addressing current limitations such as algorithm bias, external validation, and opaque decision-making.



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