Stephanie and Foxy

You’d be hard pressed to name an equine artist – but now you can, thanks to PHRI financial analyst Stephanie Warder!

Stephanie has been riding horses for almost three decades; her Quarterhorse mare, Foxy, is 18 years old – as many years as Stephanie has worked at PHRI.

When Stephanie heard about the PHRI Summer Art Challenge, she submitted a beautiful painting for the ‘individual’ category of the challenge.

But she didn’t stop there.

Learning that the art challenge was open to “family” and “team” submissions – she feels that Foxy is both – Stephanie says, “I knew I had to work on something with Foxy; she’s got such a quirky personality!”

She took it up a notch.

“I put blobs of different coloured paints on the canvas, which I lay on the floor of the barn. Then I laid a sandwich baggie on top of the canvas, and put horse treats on top of the baggie. Foxy smeared the paint around by licking the treats off the bag; it was so much fun!” I happened to see another horse on TikTok painting the same way – so I gave it a try. I was really pleased with how it turned out!

And so she should be pleased! We’re impressed by what happened when Foxy put the artistic ‘bit in her mouth’. She is indeed a ‘horse of a different colour.’ It’s nice to know that rather than be ‘put out to pasture,’ Stephanie’s mare will be put out to studio… ok, you get the point! 🙂

Kudos to Foxy and Stephanie, whose beautiful bond was captured on canvas. It’s called “Harmonizing.”

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