Shoamanesh honored with the ESO Scientific Excellence Award 2024

PHRI Senior Scientist Ashkan Shoamanesh has been recognized with the prestigious European Stroke Organization (ESO) Scientific Excellence Award 2024 for his remarkable contributions to stroke research.  

Shoamanesh’s research is focused on improving treatments and standards of care to prevent strokes and reduce their impact on patients. His recognition as the first non-European and Canadian recipient of this award highlights the global importance of his research. 

The ESO Scientific Excellence Award is given to an emerging, mid-career researcher, for whom an award for repeated research excellence could assist advancement to a final career position. Shoamanesh has led several multicenter randomized trials as PI/Co-PI, including ENRICH-AF, OCEANIC-STROKE, and CoVasc-ICH PHRI trials. He has also played key roles in trials like PACIFIC-STROKE and ANNEXa-I PHRI trials. 

With more than155 published manuscripts in leading scientific journals, Shoamanesh also contributes to Stroke, International Journal of Stroke, and Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences as a member of their editorial boards.

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