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Years before the COVID pandemic, researchers at PHRI were investigating if remote automated monitoring (RAM)  and virtual care could improve patient outcomes and potentially benefit the healthcare system.

The need to alleviate hospital bed shortages and other pressures on the system has, of course, become more urgent since the pandemic and driven even more interest in digital health.

PHRI’s leadership is this burgeoning field of study has resulted in the launch of a dedicated Digital Health research program. Until now that work has been part of the Perioperative and Surgery program led by PHRI Senior Scientist PJ Devereaux.

Devereaux and PHRI Scientist Michael McGillion lead the new Digital Health program.

Program Director Jessica Vincent and Associate Program Manager Valerie Harvey are managing the new research program. Both have worked for years with Devereaux and McGillion on digital health/virtual care studies.

Jessica Vincent

Current studies underway include the next phase of the post discharge after surgery virtual care with remote automated monitoring technology (PVC-RAM) program with PVC-RAM-3.

Results from PVC-RAM-1, published in The BMJ last year, found improved outcomes important to patients with the use of take-home technology following non-elective surgery.

VISION-2 is currently studying innovative technology to collect prospective, continuous biometric data on 20,000 patients undergoing noncardiac surgery. It is part of a EU-Canada consortium looking at smart, inclusive living environments enabled by digital health.

SMArTVIEW was an investigation of technology-enabled self-management – looking at remote patient monitoring and empowerment following cardiac and vascular surgery.

Valerie Harvey

VERDICT was the verification protocol for innovative continuous, automated vital sign monitoring.

The work ahead for this team is exciting; stay tuned for more from the frontier of digital health research!

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