Shamir Mehta

PCI improves angina-related quality of life in patients with STEMI and multi-vessel CAD – no matter whether that involves culprit-only lesions or complete revascularization.

PHRI Senior Scientist Shamir Mehta presented this finding of a pre-specified analysis of the COMPLETE trial at ACC 2022 today in Washington, DC, as Featured Clinical Research.

Mehta told TCTMD that “this analysis looked at patient-reported outcomes, so these are patients telling us how they feel and how the quality of their life has improved. I think it’s complementary to the hard outcomes [in COMPLETE] that were reported by physicians, with a very clear benefit in preventing angina.”

He noted that although the finding is likely intuitive to many practicing interventional cardiologists, “but this is the first time we’ve actually shown it.”

C. Michael Gibson interviewed Mehta on the results of the new pre-specified analysis during the ACC 2022 event.

The study that stood out the most at ACC 2022

Deepak Bhatt, a doctor and researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, named COMPLETE’s analysis as a highlight of ACC for him. This Practical Cardiology article includes a short video of Bhatt discussing why he finds is so significant.

Here are some of Mehta’s slides during his Featured Clinical Research presentation at ACC, via Twitter:

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