PHRI’s long-standing collaborations with a global network have resulted in many research successes. Until now, these collaborations have been through informal links on a study-by-study and case-by-case basis, through friendships and training of research fellows and faculty. The purpose of creating the PHRI International network is to provide a forum to formally recognize collaboration and to reflect their intent to continue collaboration into the future. The intent is to develop collaborative studies (that could be led by any of the members of the collaboration), seek funds for such studies, and train younger scientists in the development and conduct of high-quality and high-impact clinical and population research.

Possible collaborative activities:

  • Leverage scientific strengths for grant submissions and proposals
  • Demonstrate global network, expertise and complementary capabilities
  • Enhance the profile of all partners
  • Sharing development costs of future programs through shared resources, especially for generic questions
  • Building capacity for research in new geographic areas
  • Leveraging specialized talent and expertise that is present at some, but not other, institutions
  • Proposal development/grant writing
  • Share best practices for research and study conduct
  • Exchanges of scientists (training early career investigators) and sabbaticals (for more advanced researchers)
  • Knowledge enhancement through exchange of ideas
  • Joint workshops such as think tanks for new research areas

It is our intent to hold periodic (likely annual) meetings of the network either independently or an added day to meetings of studies or international scientific meetings). The first meeting of PHRI International occurred in Hamilton, Canada on Nov. 20, 2019 in conjunction with the 20th year celebration of PHRI.

For more information about PHRI International, please email Janette Panhuis, Chief Operating Officer, PHRI at

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