Slowly and carefully, PHRI employees are making their way back into their work-home, the David Braley Cardiac Vascular Stroke Research Institute  (DBCVSRI) building in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

PHRI-branded reusable cloth masks and touch-less keys are waiting for all returning employees at their desks. The office is now set up for one-way use of the stairway, socially spaced eating and meeting areas, hand sanitizing stations and, of course, required health assessments submitted before reaching one’s desk.

Some returning employees are also taking advantage of the last great summer days, by getting together outdoors, including “walk and talk” meetings.

With customary fun spirits, married now with pandemic best practices, the PHRI Statistics Department had a work picnic on the lawn of DBCVSRI this week. Led by their intrepid, sun-hatted director, Shrikant Bangdiwala, the statistical crew enjoyed the late-summer sun, some lunch and much-missed face-to-face interactions with their peers!

Safe at play, too!

Fearless Stats leader, Shrikant, and his team members Kumar Balasubramanian and Martin Renters (with his wife Ruth) at a Hamilton, Ontario area apple picking orchard the first official weekend of autumn 2020.

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